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Let me be clear, no matter what, if you are not His people, you obviously now have no protection. I am tired, beyond exhaustion actually, of the majick turned away from the King on Earth. Those Impostering upon Him, while I understand your purposes more and more, I tire of your games and lack of focus for universalism.

Love Reform means you need no law; you will lay down your weapons and so will your neighbor. It is for yourself and all children neighborhood to neighborhood, state to state, and country to country.

Canada is leading the way

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Many changes and shifts have come forth September and October of 2022. Dwell in faithfulness.

“….burn in hell❤️” ~@TweetOfSpirit_ has answers where WE LEAD OUR enemies peacefully 💜🙏🏼☮️

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This photo is my bathroom sink faucet. The reflection is blue and yellow are the two lightbulbs (in a quad light fixture which hurts my eyes so I use fewer bulbs)

Another idea:

10:33 Laguz, that which conducts

I have reported to Someone; how my family is now divided against itself of their free will.

I checked; the other parent is happier; and, realizes I was shunned.

Now the Adults are left to mend their way; however, do not question my solidarity in this family. You will be met with dark karma.

You have your excuses. I have my righteous life even as a mother. And I withstood the “atoning” you actually handed to me, many of you.

You are atoned, alone, and I wish you well. I thoroughly defended everyone on youtube; it remains because He said it should.

He? The King. I abide by His Laws on the Earth Core and I also have already shared; these blogs will not be touched. Even after my death, they may remain. Be washed.

You cannot come back. You have been left behind. I hear no one now; you had time to humble yourself not in the sight of the King but in the sight of His Sister Judah. And you refuse, still.

Such is ugly free will.

I do not, cannot, and will not pray for this.

I am delighted to say; I am delighted with the message of this rune. Please see the article which led me to place a secondary understanding upon another blog.

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