An Ancient Soul Journey

I just had to let two siblings from a ten sibling set deal with each other though I took it upon myself that they go ahead and help their sister. They are lovely; Austin, Texas, and its complexities are nothing of the sort.

Are you an Ancient Soul like me? I don’t know. You do. I do. I know I am one, know what that means. I am now under a vow of silence, pictured below. This silence is the 30 minutes zone of time, nothing more or less, but since it is in the book of Revelation that means I must learn to use it when I need it because I am an ancient soul who has interpreted the book of Revelation in real time on blogs, three books, and multiple social media outlets. I’m ready not to delete anymore. It took 12 years. I am giving you the handwritten piece of Revelation I’m talking about, 8:1. Believe me or not. I care, you don’t.

My whole life is now not impacted by the fact that I have interpreted the book of Revelation. What does that mean exactly? That concept is in Revelation 13, but all of humanity within Christianity, even those baptized therein but gone out of the midst of it in the modern day, are sexists so they never believe me.

It is better to get what they want from me publicly and privately and who cares about Cara Beaty. That’s reality for me.

I am moving on and you can either face to face start apologizing for your bullshit or realize I am coloring a GRIMM’s Fairy Tale coloring book that will be featured on this website as feature images and I will most certainly throw Rune Stones, use Tarot Cards, and reset your reality until you come into mine with much more respect and appreciation than I have received and am still receiving in 2020.

Jesus Christ King of kings resides here. I speak with him a little in DM. That’s Twitter. Don’t mess with Me. Hannah knows. Don’t mess with her. Fuck off, literally, unless you treat my children correctly that you used incorrectly in that 12 years. I know which ones they are. You, America, do not know about that.

I understand the 666. I’m a white female. I am trash to Christianity and I wrote that allegory in blogs gone and books gone by the wayside. I’m not putting that writing here, yet. I will put snatches of past writing on

I have two websites which will not have advertisement upon them and one website that has advertisement upon it. The one which has advertisement upon it is because of the sign Libra, in September. I am not going to xplain myself except to say, libra means book. There will be mostly book review on that website blog roll because the only places I learn are from books and the Earth. I do not learn from people. They hate me. They hate what I represent.

Just like Jesus Christ the King of kings, still hated unless He shows His Face in a Form that White Supremacist won’t kill him for in America. Oh well. I love anyway. That’s called love which remains and never grows cold. King of kings desires Me to do this, to be this way. Your comments to My Face will end up on Uncovered No More as my Witness if you do anything else but apologize for your part of my past 12 years. Or you may speak in my World System. It’s called the New Jerusalem.

If your reality does not belong, I can tell you one fucking reality: Lucifer and Michael bounce you out. That’s 2/3 angelic armies.

No worries, Boo.

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Author, Mother, Spiritualist

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