Complicated Woman and Child

Happy Birthday my Darlings, all ten of you. I guess I got around to it in May because of Dad. You know, Dad was born in May and then I said to myself, what a wonderful world I’d like a May Baby like Gramma Eara Davis Beaty got and HE gave me Two.

Extravagance, Loves, how do you spell it? I start to cry. There are 12 people over here, somewhere, and we spell it right well. Don’t listen to the ones who called me a liar, Beaty-Coffey; My Guardians are Here and they will not let us sparrows fall.

The little girl of ten, standing on the large porch of Crestview Drive, tells you something today in my girl-body of a 54 year old woman: She doesn’t have to testify anymore LOVES she doesn’t have to testify anymore….she doesn’t have to testify anymore…..He overcame to overcome to overcome and She doesn’t have to testify anymore……..(Revelation 12)

There is a miracle imbedded into this piece, and I allowed someone to #Witness the making of this art. At #2 I Spirit-Fell-Asleep which means I transported to Heaven as the child I Am, and I could not see the actual second draw, the one on the left. I saw the one labeled “Miracle Rune” in the artwork, on the right side as I prayerfully began my #freehandart. So what I did as a Five Rune Spread, I was allowed a sixth Rune like my second son Who speaks the building of houses by my ARC Noah Roberts Dad, Uncle Paul, Grandpa Robert Hilton, Great Grandpas John, Davis-Beaty, (Daddy and ARC are both #6) and have you forgotten? Dad’s dad, my Son’s Great-Grandaddy, died dead in a street like His GrandSon my Brother for my sons to prosper as Tribe Judah Elect oh my GOD you have not forsaken us LORD! (Revelation 11) Dad was only about six weeks grown in the Womb of Eara Davis Beaty all glory to GOD CREATTOR MYSTERY

Please go gently with Me my LOVES; YOU have a Child in Your LOVE, FAith, HOPE midst and She cries if you cannot see HIM. Don’t make me cry anymore, America. Embrace the King of kings anew.

Misty Edwards, Light Of Your Face you see? Please SEE

Light of Your Face by Misty Edwards

Published by Cara Ann Coffey

Prophetess & author

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