PaChove (Paradise)

My Cloud Came 12:33-12:36 because

Heaven Don’t Have a Name by Jeremy Renner

Well maybe heaven is heaven and hell is hell and they both are not as distinct as they were before Jesus Died I’m just not kidding.

We reverted to the days of before the flood ya’ll, in America, and that began before the black-skin president came to be regardless of the screamers whose voice is getting weaker because they are not nice people so they can go to their place faster and die already.

Don’t like my tone? Don’t put your white knee into the pavement with my black brother and sister dying underneath your white knee while you hate on a black brother taking a knee, me doing it during that season in a church, and now police and protesters alike doing it and expect any of us, Real Voice, shut up about it, peacefully.

I’m going to say it again. If you are rioting, it is not correct. You are going against the express and correct teaching of our LEADERS Martin Luther King, Jr. Robert Hilton Beaty, Jr and Malcom X not to mention #TaraAnnMoons otherwise known as simply Cara the Witness in Austin, Texas.

Don’t like my tone still? Go.Fuck.Yourself. That’s just loving yourself because hell, ya’ll you ain’t loving your neighbor so get a fucking grip. DUH.

Pa (pronounced pay for Pagan) Ch (Christ-Ian) ove for Cove of Love. PaChove. Pay-Cove.

Don’t be a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic. Come with Cara and be a PaChove or PaAthove or PaBuddove….ETC ya’ll it is the new cult. LOVE NEVER FAils……12:12 AMC the next day here ya’ll think outside the box: PaMusove which means you better stop cutting my Sisters’ noses and ears off and beheading our children just because they don’t do Muslim or Hindu or whatever whatever whatever. If you Christians smirk here you going down. You have rape, incest, lying, disorderly conduct, misuse of money just like everybody else in those fucking buildings you have given your lives to while people are dying and crying in the real world oh my goodness, OBVS.

And read Revelation 2 and 3, Boo, if you a real Christian. Fuck off otherwise and go spit in your belly button is my suggestion. Good night, love ya!!

No you don’t Cara. Well have it your way. You hate me and I give you love in return. Sorry for the drama in between my lines. Gal is Aries and gotta have my fun somehow.

It’s usually only at Christian expense.

Pay your bill, ya’ll. K? KK. NOT KKK. Get out of town and go to Russia, MAGA and KKK etc. Putin will appreciate your vote. *lol*

Published by Cara Ann Coffey

Prophetess & author

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