Calvin Harris, Yiruma, and Breakthrough

The feature image is a lovely addition to my workspace where Dad’s drafting board and Dad’s drafting rod reside as my guides in this World of Wonder called Fay tales and day dreams……Rosemary gave it to me. My mother and I fellowshipped with Uncle Oscar’s second wife as he passed away and Rosemary gave me a thank you gift from my uncle’s house.

Uncle Oscar is not kind; my mother and I saw to it that he made it safely to the other side.

His first and supposedly only wife is Aunt Stella. She is the Woman I know in Heaven on Earth.

I love you Aunt Stella. You are a Witness to our Spanish History in the Klonek Family, and that family did not treat you, my father, or me well. Mom and I took care of it all, thank you for helping us forgive what Uncle Oscar did to you and etc.

Klonek family, step back. You underestimated Me. Now you are going to live with the details because my mother is righteous and so are my children. You left pain in my family’s life that I will not stand, sit, or lie down within. #ANATHEMA to that which only appears righteous in the World System.

As my father told me in September of 2008, so I obey: Cara, always remember that we war not with flesh and blood but with powers and principalities.

Yes Sir, Dad.

This bookcase was in my father’s office at the other place. It is now where it should be just like my oldest Son, the one born on my birthday in 1993, is where my mother and I knew He would be to carry on the Beaty Name; remembrance; and life story.

The Master has come. I am His Property. Did it not occur to my bloodline families that the day would come He, the Master of the New Testament, would see to the arranging of my household according to Second John? I warned you; that is not His Job.

You are welcome, blood family of non-marriage. Have a nice life journey. I wash my hands of you and that is that; you went too far and as my father says, I question if you are saved so look to yourselves so you do not lose what you wrought before you knew Who I am

Now let me bring this article down to earth: many if not all of the Klonek’s except my mother, from about 2015 forward, were in full support of Donald Trump along with Bobby Conner and Rick Joyner.

Hey there Aaron Jackson, I certainly hope you and John Thomas stayed out of that because I can tell you that Shawn Bolz did not stay out of that. You better invite me back if you even care. Your daddy is not happy today is my guess, buddy.

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