The Star

There comes a time when the obvious should be spoken. In Tarot, there is no need to use naked forms so this woman should be dressed. We do not need vulnerability in this old world now, we need purity in the way we do things like play with Tarot.

I invoke to see change, and one change for the whole population worldwide is that the sexual relationships of people need to be decent, safe, in private, and fully adult. Tarot should match the wholesomeness. I much prefer Rune Stones for this reason; however, I see the value of this deck and am reading the book READING THE TAROT by Leo Louis Martello where it concerns the Major Arcana. When I get other decks, it will be ONLY the Major Arcana.

I can play solitaire or poker if I want more than that from a deck of cards (smile).

Since I saw Revelation 6 and 21 tonight; indeed, if you read chapter six you will see eight angels alluded or outright spoken, I am going to link both chapters read aloud on YouTube.

I identify with the angel of incense. Which ones do you identify with? That is a question you do not have to answer but I hope you feel encouraged that I asked it. I see you as a star, a lovely star, and I wonder which angels of stories you might identify with.

Do not identify with Lucifer or Satan. The record is not straight. Lucifer is mentioned once or twice in the Bible and people automatically think when Jesus said he saw Satan or the devil fall like lightning or some such that He was speaking about Lucifer, and he wasn’t.

He was talking about Judas and Peter. They are in their place. Judas is not represented by fairy tales, etc, and Peter is a very clear example of a Ram God. I hope that helps religious people shake themselves. Lucifer is a MorningStar, but the Bright and Morning Star is the King of kings as most Christians know. In this card, we see a representation of both Lucifer as the MorningStar (Sun God) and possibly King of kings as the Bright and Morning Star.

If you do not agree with how my spirituality runs in interpretation here, I am willing to accept your interpretation. You can find me on twitter and tell me, if you like. I have two addresses, but the one I prefer for that kind of discussion is @MountainSiena. The other one is much smaller and of a different, more political purpose. It is @TadashiIsMyCat. DM me if you wish. I will block you if you are not a serious spiritualist genuinely interested not in talking about sexuality. You must talk about vulnerability, interpretation of the actual card, and two chapters of the Bible. Thank you for your consideration.

I am equally going to put one album of Music here for the Warriors we all are if we choose to accept that role. The true self must acknowledge the war is only with ourselves, and I struggle with that lesson but keep learning. Amen.

Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’ from The Atlantic

I decided to Remember how I already used that album in this piece. I went home without any of that shit in the article above my gorgeous artwork.

You are not people of America. You are garbage. We know the truth; HE sets US FREE!

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