The Emporer’s Invocation #Story

I have settled all my affairs of this life; and I am taking anti-anxiety medicine until I am 60 at which point I will reevaluate, if it is necessary. The only reason at this point I need it is time; people around me need time to rest after being persecuted for my life of 54 years to exist though they wish, at times, I didn’t exist in full form of spirit, soul, and body.

My youngest child will be 18 when I am 60. That is a good place to begin again, AGAIN. It is my hope in that six years as the school years of my youngest child come and go; to work at a Library or a Coffee Shop part time to help with finances here.

If any family member of mine stumbles upon this work, I hope you can be happy for me. I love you. You did your level best to reach me and I you. On this earth, as it concerns Gen Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennialists, Cara Coffey did not reach her goals. I forgive you the judgment that is inaccurate to a large percentile, exactly 2/3 of my life is what I’m talking about.

54 divided by 3 is 18, and so the numbers of 666 and 99 confirm my testimony today accurately in arithmetic according to the Bible. It is true I understand the 666 according to Revelation 13. It is true 6X3 equals 18. 6 plus 6 plus 6 equals 18.

All responsibility in the Christian Church is null and void according to today’s Tarot Draw for me alone. I am alone until…….I am happy here; do not be dismayed.

I will serve in my family life faithfully like I’ve always done. Perhaps with time, all of my blood relatives will remember the good in Cara Ann Beaty-Coffey, Robert Hilton Beaty, Junior, and for the few left that remember him, Patrick Clayton Beaty.

Until then, I love you and I look forward to speaking with you every chance you make available. I am sorry I had too many confusing emotions for the last 12 years. I’m sorry it seems I am disconnected. I am not sorry for my life, for the love I have of myself, and for the testimony I will write now for many years to come on one blog here. I will take each yearly account to a thumb drive and when I am done telling the World System how much I love you, I will keep my books to myself. I am highly skilled as a book crafter.

You remember us, don’t you? (((Hugs))))

Published by Cara Ann Coffey

Prophetess & author

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