Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche Translated by Helen Zimmerman

Mr. Nietzsche died of insanity. I am putting this review on this website for two men in my life; one is anonymous and needs this to be done for him. The other one is none of the world’s business as it concerns my ministerial life which is meaningless to everyone who is with me face to face.

The other reason I am putting this book review on this website and not on is because I am going to throw runes to pray for the people who suffer like Mr. Nietzsche did; however, it is apparent if you read his work that he is highly intelligent and suffered because of it.

I am not a mental case, as they call it. The problem with my ministry is not my fault; it is the fault of Protestants. The Catholics righteously dealt with me when I chose to show up.

You may as well know it now: I know my Guardian. He is neither Catholic or Protestant and he won’t hurt me. That is why I know I will never again set foot in a church building. I am supposed to take a daughter to church. Curtis has already told me he will do it. So he will do it. I will go to church how I go to church. Live my life. I am a temple of the Living GOD.


A Reading BEYOND GOOD & EVIL with testimony


A Reading BEYOND GOOD & EVIL from chapter One

BEYOND GOOD & EVIL by Friedrich Neitzsche Chapter 3, and commentary. The Western World can be damned sure I edited that chapter out. You do NOT talk about the emotions (mood) of religion and have as your examples of commentary, men who you consider something or other enough to have written about. This is a grand disconnect in the world of the soul. Don’t expect me to embrace it ya’ll. Fuck it all edit the shit out!

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