Curious George Blasts Off by Margret & H.A. Rey

Cara Beaty reads Curious George Blasts off by Margret & H.A. Rey

The simple point I make in this video as I read the story, and in real life as I raise the rest of ten children in the United States of America as a Pagan who used to only be called a Christian, is mind-boggling to a 47 year “Christian”: more teaches and taught my children than the Bible being crammed down my throat since I was seven years old.

I read to my children; I was read to by my mother. Dad read the New Testament letters all at once like a real letter and therefore made the Bible come alive just like I wore a rubber band on my wrist as I went to school so I remembered to talk to Holy Spirit (or Jesus) during the day since I ccouldn’t see them.

We lived. And that taught me more than sitting in the pew for many years though I love those “Christians” to the core and it ripped my heart out leaving them behind. Last night, and before the next full moon of October 1, 2020, I removed all but one Christian musician and she is being removed now. I have been given the freedom to stop listening to Christian music entirely. Thank YOU King of kings, wherever you are toDAy. (Smile)

Following is my Rune Throw. That means I’m producing an invocation. Amen.

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