Cara Has PartnerShip

6:44 PMC and I am smiling but I feel guilty about some things. I’m a good American Citizen. I have nothing to feel guilty for so I’m going to publish this article, some of my recent and lovely artwork, and then go home and smile.

I voted for Kamala Harris and many others last week. That is a monumental YES I am a good citizen.

I know you when I meet you. And that is a grand privilege when I can tell we know we have a special story, and we are in this together no matter where I show up and no matter where you show up and we happen to be in the same air space.

To everyone else confused by people, all that I can say to help you today is to be very careful with how you are privileged with that air space.

This concept has alluded so many people around me, and I must forgive them since 1999. I’m being gracious to say that. You are welcome.

Published by Cara Ann Coffey

Prophetess & author

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