My Brother & I Do NOT love Bob Jones, Either of Them

Politico Article with @almightygod twitter screen shot

How fun America. You get to see me throw runes and take your ass off in my office today. There will be art. I’m not the little girl crying this time or ever again.

This artwork is obscured. Expect them to be so henceforth on some of my blogs. I have given too much away; I will no longer do so and particularly when it comes to my natural, core skills with rune stones and cards; other pieces of the spiritual/scientific makeup which is metaphysical and therefore somewhat non-explainable. I would say, in this statement about one piece of retro artwork, that I am an agnostic.

Let me be clear; I love both Bob Jones. What I was saying is that they never loved America truthfully amen.

4:44 PMC 2/14/2021

Harry Potter 6; the Half Blood Prince

It’s like Snape; He showed true love; and yet, did He?

Some deeds of darkness turn into light, and that is what is understood by Rune Stones particularly, so to speak. I suppose it depends upon the User just like Satellite and Television. Everything, it seems, depends upon the User MORE than the creator, perhaps.

What do you think, Western World?

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