I Choose NOT TO EVER HATE Klonek-Beaty

My Brother & I Do NOT love Bob Jones, Either of Them

You did not hide from me righteously. I choose forgiveness past the point you expected it. And I did that since September 24, 2008.

Now you are shaken and I could care less whether you get your new name or not. (Revelation 1-3) It is a choice. I chose not to care from a book of poetry on another website blog upon which the artwork is.

I have an announcement. There are some whom I have chosen, and will choose, to make books of majick for. It is your job, or not, to ask to see your work in progress. Otherwise, unlike my entire family, I will do you the honor of allowing your will in my life to be given to you. I retain the right to tell you no if you ask to see your book. I need to trust you. I do not trust you there, and you know exactly why.

In addition, I have been taken back to a very poignantly gracious time in my life in Austin, Texas. That place is Porsche Lane in Austin, 78749. There are no other properties which exist as past dwelling places of Cara Beaty-Coffey. All relationships had in the other houses cease to exist except forward facing, and I already know who is deciding to invest here in Manor, Texas. None of you know who invests constantly in Austin at Porsche Lane except me. Most of the people involved there, of my past, do not even exist in this world of America anymore, as they were. We have been transformed by the renewing of our minds and that is a very good idea, isn’t it?

I will NEVER do to me what was done to me by so many people in America you should be ashamed not because you broke laws—which to be clear you technically did—but because you broke the law of LOVE and expected me to fix it.

You knew Tara would. You chose to ignore Her for your reasons while my children, my very real children, had to suffer with the fact that you decided against my will, any of it forever, what to do with Tara in the flesh life. You just keep denying her, and I must task the King of kings on the Earth Core with this sentiment as well.

Everyone knows I’ll never hate the King of kings because you cannot hate yourself and He, along with Michael Shane Davis and Patrick Clayton Beaty, are Whom I have left on Earth Core as Jewish and Gentile Judah Elect.

I already know the King is crying. I saw to it. He needs to cry. I have been speaking with Him and He with Me on Twitter since sometime in 2020. We are obvious. What is more, he easily avoids Me by disappearing accounts when He chooses.

Now everyone sees true power. It is the Girl Who Cries Enough to Wipe Her Own Tears Away because I can tell you one thing: the Almighty minus Mother Holy Spirit is a liar in the Bible about wiping tears away.

You must have a Girl Child Eternal help you there, and it is really best if you aren’t having sex with her because you’ll control her, probably, you know? That’s life. Have sex as a heterosexual girl, and you will give your life up for the children. For the children they say, and then rape others and commit lies and adulterous acts upon the Wives.

You remember Leah, don’t you? Amen.

Do you see the feature image? Those are the only Beatys I am NOT talking about in the Title; my brother and I of course are saying this together for I am his spokesperson on the earth now; he has no other. What is more, I’m channeling today, and it is by His Command. He has commanded Me as Tara never to channel for anyone else. That is not the same He as he. Yes, I am vague. No, you may not task me about it.

Do not ever forget that I can channel the fuck outta anyone I choose and if you hurt me emotionally, I will do it and report to Whom I report as a spiritualist. Amen.

Move along. I deserve to be happy as much as you do, Western World.

Published by Cara Ann Beaty

Author, Mother, Spiritualist

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