Real Abortion

At the point that a woman must have a child—a beating heart—removed from her womb, it isn’t abortion.

Abortion happens all the time in relationships. I am learning to cope with it, and so I have prayed in a certain Rune Book of mine which represents what I struggle with, and the fact that so many people have cut their true relationships off with me time and again is very painful to me at this point in my life.

If I don’t let this go, it will kill me literally. I will die full of regret. I love me, and I have a hard time discerning that other people love me because I’m an Empath, and I can see what you really feel. I can see with my own eyes how you treat me, how you treated me, and never admit your part in our relationship.

I was just honestly telling someone tonight where the wheels fell off in our family in my personal life. Now I am praying for my Journey as a Solitary Pagan, determined to be kind, to be happy, and to be content; I am already at peace and have joy. I always have those two things, peace and joy.

When other people decide something about you that is not true, and you keep trying to show them how it is not true, you put yourself in the position to try to be acceptable to them. Now I could go on and on about how Christianity EXPECTS this of women, and I would be correct.

But since Christians still believe that way, it is useless to stay on a cyclical path with Christians and post-Christians who have no time for me and still believe the lies of gossip that were started about me.

So thankful I have Rune Stones. They keep me honest about myself, and honest about journeys in my life.

Just be aware I am a high level spiritualist. If I choose to throw any runes or tarot about you and do my excellent artwork, my will through those beautiful prayers for you will happen. I have seen it time and again.

I am not controlling anyone. I have been controlled and would never do that sort of majic on people. It’s just that children were involved in the mess created around me, and they do not deserve to be judged like I am even now being judged by some of them. I don’t deserve it, but I got treated that way, and I am being blamed. There is no fixing it so I fix myself and my atmosphere to where we all are acceptable, is what I am doing, and Rune Stones are very powerful like that.

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