I Want Spiritual Honesty

I was taken off course with Rune Stones; however, it was a for good purposes in the arts of using spiritual aids. I have a problem, as I should, with how much male-ness is within most religions and even within this particular set of rune stones. And so what I was working through is a balancing thing I am called to be a voice of.

I split my rune stones and then returned them; I can say that I saw breakthroughs going through the process. One thing I’ve had to learn over the last ten years is a concept I’d like to call relevance in time. What I mean is, some of us lose track of time. I have people around me that do this and I do it occasionally.

Well, right before I split my runes up to use for water purification purposes (which I will continue but with a full set), I literally lost two weeks. I kept being and doing what I was set to do for those two weeks, yet I told Curtis it was a very strange moment of deja’ vu.

Anyway, the sensation left and I realized that the blog article I wrote was investing too much time of commitment. So I pulled back and hit delete. However, I have the artwork within one of my books and I will leave it there to say what it is supposed to say.

It is true; I am American Trash. Many of us feel this way. I love my life and I invoke I AM upon those of us who are honest: we have literally very little Voice but we keep loving our lives and being faithful.

I invoke that the Trash We are not only IS FOREVER heard, but leading soon in taking care of the lower classes in America and requiring the federal government to do the same. I am tired of what is happening here that should not be happening when I KNOW IT IS but legislation and money WELL SPENT away from seeing fewer people suffer in the United States.

Bi-Partisan Ain’t Cool Ya’ll from my UNM blog

Completed 11:11 PMC and that is a good sign to say: good night! Sleep tight!

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