House Church, Panties, and Socks

SO Mom was like, “……The girl’s room smells like dirty panties and the boy’s room smells like dirty socks….” as we both trailed off LOLing and cleaning up after a passel of kids spent nights in seperate rooms of that god-forsaken property while we hosted the Bercots and the House Church but if you go ask Jerrell Hein he doesn’t know me and the reason is he’s embarrassed nowadays because he treated us bad and won’t own it.

I don’t wear head coverings anymore Dude. Neither does the King, that i can remember here and there.

But big guys who are honking powerful dudes with muscles wearing shirts telling me their name is Lucy while eating a sammich at Whole Foods one time wear ball caps around Austin unless they’re shaving their heads or wearing a hoodie AND a ball cap.

Damn that has got to be the wrong kind of hot to wear a hoodie and ball cap.

ANYway I have two people around me that hate worship Christian music.

So guess what I’m belting out with headphones on while I teach, watch a bottle catapulted INTO the trampoline and vacuum? Yup I won’t do it when the buggy-types come home.

I’ll just smile.

It’s true though. What Mom said was true.


I personally like guys who wear those goatee thingies but no Coffey male thinks that’s good and I get EWW for mentioning it. Then there’s this hairstyle above. I like it but not on Matt Gaetz.

I wouldn’t like it on that millionaire Jerrell Hein either, none of his sons, and/or David Bercot. They need to go fuck themselves and stop being idiots along with a boatload of Evangelicals.

ANYway again….off to fill the dishwasher and keep moving. Then I’ll throw runes, okay? KK.

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