I, Your Mary Magdalene, A Black Woman from the Recent Past 9:33 amc 4/13/2021

Mary Did You Know by Wynnona Judd and Kenny Rogers

John Paul Jackson’s Perfect Storm

But if I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, which Cara does actually do, but do not have love, which Cara actually has, but have not love, it is clanging brass.

Let me show you clanging brass, yet I will tell you that I will listen to the music and save the Christian/Catholic nations one day at a time because if I play your music, you are in heaven with John Paul, Kenny, and Tara Ann Moons. It is plain to see they were the same man in two different worlds.

It is common knowledge in a few places that John Paul and I shared thoughts from a distance. People gossiped. Said I was after the man.

What a fucking shit show Christians think in that head of theirs. It is entirely possible if they had sent for me past all the gossip that spun out about he and I, he would still be alive. For I am a healer, but death is a healer in my world so you got what you deserved, on the day of Pentacost, in the realms of heaven you will see someday, Christian Church 1950 through 3021. An hundred is as a thousand and I cannot help it that both gents are sitting here in spirit life because if I summon you, there you are.

Did you know, Christian Church, I do not ever have to speak face to face with my adult children? I have conversations daily with my children no matter where they are. I do not know if they are aware. I access Spirit. #SorceressTARA will tell you if you are in what John Paul Jackson taught was and is a dark night of the soul, I can speak to your ancient Spirit but you cannot hear me in Spirit or in Flesh.

It is mystery, so this side of my testimony belongs with the Rune Stones. Yes, I shed a few tears to type this Way because many people in many places are well acquainted with how Cara looks when she takes Us to heaven………

The child this book is for is just below this picture. Have a nice life; I am doing so with ALL MY CHILDREN and that is more than my ten but I heaven HERE WITH MY TEN and I will send everyone to hell when you hurt my TEN without even thinking about it. It’s for your good. Sure I get judged. I do not give one fucking rat’s ass for how I’m judged.

This definition above is inaccurate. Doppelgänger is NEVER an apparition. Apparition with evil intent is only in the unseen and mysterious world of dreams and visions, whether sleeping visions or awake visions.

And I know what a poltergeist is as well. (Smile)

Now get off my websites, bullies. You kill my black brothers and sisters you killing me, you killing the King, you killing Lucifer, so to speak.

You idiots blame that which is holy, that part which is holy. And I am tired of putting up with your fucking bullshit in the United States of America. Look at his troubled face:

Frank Zappa Interview (6th of 7)

Let me tell you something. My Uncle Edward Kenneth Beaty and Frank Zappa are Doppelgänger as well, both gone, both still misunderstood. One was famous and died. One chose not to be famous and died. His SON is the youngest Beaty cousin, I am the second youngest Beaty cousin.

My cousin is a Ritalin Story in the public school system. We have drugged them; WE couldn’t stop them.

The Killing Fields of America are a damn sight more bloody than anything anyone has ever imagined.

My first five children’s rune books ARE HERE IN MY OFFICE for their nourishment every single day. You thought I would betray them and honor you American Christianity. You are such shallow sinners I don’t know what King is going to do with you but when I summon Him to my Place wherever that is, HE HAS TIME FOR ME. #TRIBEJUDAHELECT

This blog article is malarkey.

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