Reverse Racism

Reverse Racism with Rune Stones

@thegoodgodabove and I are coming against some serious shit. Following will be Revelation 22. I need no other authority to tell America you are delivered of the curse, the King is here, and may your crimes large and small be upon your own head.

The Tree of Life is fully for all peoples. If I speak of the tongues of Angels, I will tell you I shouted down those forces of Satan hampering Lucifer, sent Gabriel above peacefully with his people even into the future for he and his must Rest In Peace and never come back to dwell with the Prince of Peace and Prince of the World, and Michael stands before the ALL IN ALL with DEITY FAITHFULLY.

Go ahead and call me strange. Been done before. Don’t believe me? I don’t care.


The Rose by Bette Midler

The night is always too lonely for me; the road always too long. But I have learned and am learning to be a true solitary pagan, I have watched reaping and sowing/karma principles enough, and I judge none except privately to keep a distance from you judging and neglecting me.

The King is here. Go find him your own way. I have been christened his way in testimony on twitter, I will not tell the story. Again, don’t believe me. I don’t care.

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