Ordinary Life for Mannaz

I have said it. I’m going to say it again. And again. YouTube hears this concept regularly; I beg adults over the age of 50 to think about this concept.

We were so controlled as post-Christians, or religious people, for years and years. Not only have we had to pull away from that and in some senses destroy our own core soul, we had to bring the children in our midst with us while they rage that this thing happened to our parents, our very selves.

A couple of my children were asked by me, do you love yourself? In that time of my epiphany that I fall back from time and again and then take another baby step forward to more freedom.

And they without fail said no. Millennials will must needs hate you as a parent in this place of no. They have no one else but faithful parents to cling to in the process.

Gen X, we have faithful spouses and friends our age, but the current political atmosphere rips most of those people away from us too. This is a particularly difficult side show of pain for Gen X.

Rune Stones are always there; always there. Across generations, we can lovingly play with the stones and help each other love one another in Heaven on Earth, cling to the good of the paradise we had, and forge ahead together, even with social media in tact, to our future of universalism world and time-wide.

They, Rune Stones, are just as miraculous of a tool as that screen you are reading me upon, loves.

Published by Cara

Author, Mother, Spiritualist

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