The reading of this rune draw is a little tricky if you are not associated with ancient thought. Another idea that can be challenging to deal with in a metaphysical reality snapshot like this one, where I am dealing with various issues surrounding not only Afghanistan but a governing style called the Taliban that is unacceptable from a humanitarian perspective, is reciprocals, mirror images, and reversal meanings of the rune stones.

I am reading from left to right in the picture. It is easy to read the breakthrough to be for women and their children; easier still to see that an initiation of the removal of bondage off of them is necessary. But a reversed opening does not mean that a door is closed and the women with their children in the case of the Taliban government and its strong hold on the people is going to continue to strangle the life of them all.

It means that there needs to be a closing of the murderous, demoralizing, and humanitarian immoral ways and means of the government while at the same time there is an opening for freedom of so many things; with accompanying opportunity, with appropriate rule of law for all.

I was just tonight pontificating with some dear people how it is my hope, regardless of all the negative backwash of information, that the root of service of the United States to STAY for a while; this will give a small shove in the proper direction so that true and real change by the people for the people, dear GOD UNSEEN without bloodshed!! Comes forth.

Reading Isaiah 3, I am actually in a way reprimanding Him for calling out women; however, he had to do so in that society. I trust Isaiah. I still cannot trust men in Afghanistan now. And that is why Cara Coffey has runes; to invoke the impossible amen

Pictured Below

#ThankYou Mr. Jaime and @SmirkingChimp

When I remove myself from the politics, and understanding the work we as America must do for our own, I know it is the correct thing to leave Afghanistan. NOW, here is an issue: when is America going to stop being this sort of police force?

The wars and 9/11 in my lifetime are international nightmares. I speak thus: peace. It is time for the United Nations to indeed unite for women, and their children, to rule in peace.

War mongering must stop, and nations instead of rising against nations, must now beat swords and etc, into plowshares.

That concept is in Isaiah Chapter 2.

It is for chapter two, and sixty-one of Isaiah, among others, that I read my third book and give it away soon, on a brand new website blog.

There, I will show you pictures of the old ways from a woman’s life who would have stood there when they were killing Native Americans, and condemned them to the deepest hell for their murderous, “pioneer” ways.

Same, Afghanistan. Same, same same.

You treat us abominably and have the money and people power to stay in power. My DADDY highlighted Isaiah 2:4, and that is the SPIRIT AND THE BRIDE SAY COME TO THE KING’S DWELLING forever and FOREVER AMEN


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