The Moon Chooses New Year

I have the art in my Unicorn Booklet from the feature image elsewhere, but I gave up trying to get it interpreted; now, it is interpreted at the proper moment.

Psalm 46 read by Cara Coffey. Please be aware on Twitter that one of my accounts went to being Lucy of the CS Lewis Fay Tale “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe” because I still have witches trying to best His Life within mine and the King as the Lion talks to the Witch in that movie—and tells her not to speak of the Dark Majick, He was there. Excuse me for reminding America I have two storms to my adult Sorceress Life. I prophesied the second one on Twitter directly to the King. But I am not the Witch of CS Lewis’s Fay Tale. I Am TARA of no record except where I know it to be. I Am Sorceress. It is common knowledge We Write Manuscripts. So stop with your games.

Let us keep to our faithfulness together. Thank you for being you,

Good Person

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