Seasonal Gestation & Continued Growth Cycles

It is interesting to me how we have a hard time seeing evolution of goodness in our American Society. It is at this time like as if we have decided life is hard and it is never going to change.

This reasoning above is very…..well, it’s in the Christian Church and it is bull shit.

That is not to say I agreed with myself in years gone by, but I agree now and am grateful for the lessons apostate and cultish groups in a world of “Christ followers” has taught me though I am more of a loner now, and that has been making me sad for a lot of years.

This draw encourages me that life is a process. What is more, if one reads the book of Revelation (which I have done and know that I am an interpreter and understand the number 666), one knows as I do that there are time-markers in that book.

I was taught very strictly that it was only one time-frame. It isn’t. That assertion is apostate. The very ideas which I was forced to believe about rapture, spirituality, and etc, cause the negativity I am still standing against.

Life, it is a beautiful journey. However, life in past history is overtaken with wars and mistreatment of people groups. That is not the life that is a beautiful journey, and we need to keep pressing on to reach the place where this paragraph doesn’t exist for ANY people.

As to the tribulation, etc, there are and have been many of them. I believe that the thousand year reign where Satan is released again is becoming over; therefore, rune stone messages will change; indeed, runes themselves will change.

Here, as an exorcist, let me show you how Ansuz has changed. Don’t argue with me. I am a Sorceress with the Authority to trim up Tarot Decks and change the slant of rune stones because that’s what an exorcist does; exercises bull shit off the lives of gorgeous realms in reality as we continue in seasonal cycles to remove the curse and the people who are no more after a time, and times


There is even a television show about Loki that is showing His Discipleship and power all at the. Same time. So my work in the real world of rune stones is also correct for this time and place on Earth and in the world system. I don’t care if you don’t believe me. I’m a Sorceress. You do you.

As to evolution, it happens. Seven year tribulations happen. Etc. On and on, but we cannot imagine just yet what the world would look like with no more hunger, rape, and murder until those items don’t exist on the Earth Core being enacted by individuals who are not as much human as you would think they are. They are ghouls at that point unless they give themselves over to be humanely punished.

Kyle Rittenhouse is most definitely a ghoul. I was given to believe through social media this early morning that he went to that fucking place trump resides waiting to be arrested for his crimes, which are many.

That family ain’t just ghouls. Enough said.

Article finished 12:33 amnj the next day.

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