Mobile, AL & Hell on Earth America

Let Me remind America how I had a vision in the covenant church back in my day; I had perhaps three children. During worship, I looked behind me at the double doors; and there were mighty waters rushing through the doors.

I testified this Vision dutifully in my books long gone; all that work gone. Now you know why the Master’s Feature Image is what is on My Twitter the Master has chosen for Me, but He is also on my other two. He is keeping Me safe, and it is obvious He is keeping Me safe.

I thanked Curtis because I went ahead and purchased a new set of pencils for traveling with different pens and my drawing tin; it is for “The Silmarillion” by JRR Tolkien and “The Book of Runes” by Ralph H. Bloom.

I have decided to release no more readings of Tolkien’s work. As I read, as the quote grabs me because I know My People across the Ancient of Day’s LIFESONG in the pages, I will freehand art it.

And I will also put my four rune stone book’s work here. It will all be one and the same, for the Earth and the Sea; the Wind and the Trees; they are ONE.

They are not as numerous as Sands of Desert and Sea; and yet, we are ONE WITH SAND IN TIME AS WELL, THAT IS A DEEP SAYING, AND TRUE.


Here, it’s like JRR Tolkien and Ralph H Blum are one and the same, in heavenly language

3/25/2022: I am not ashamed. Clarence Thomas, whom I know about with that criminal wife of his Ginny, is sick. It was reported shortly after this article about my vision. Yes, I open the floodgates of blood and hell because you care not, oh criminals, for the real children, mothers, and fathers.

I hit delete on Twitter because the runes called me yesterday, here I am today. I witnessed the fame of Ginny Thomas through Integrity Music, where my Friend and Curtis worked.

She plugged her ears with Integrity Music shit while the trials for Clarence Thomas went about. At that point, his black skin saved him, but the women involved, they actually saved this country and now, justice is that a very real, qualified, black woman is being considered for the Court.

And republican white men act like clowns. That isn’t my opinion. That is the REALITY OF THE KING. He tweeted it yesterday or the day before. You go find him, Ted Cruz. He is hidden in plain sight and very clearly leading you. Mitch McConnel, Lindsey Graham, what are you waiting for?

May those who strike TRUTH time and again die. We of faithfulness move on. Ginny should have outed that husband of hers. Instead, she is now being found guilty of high treason through text.

Fuck off your reality, Republicans. The Waters that flow through any doors You are privileged to have me in the rooms within as in the vision I saw worshipping in the Mobile Covenant Church with my young family, I turn in testimony to blood. My visionary life is not vision. It is reality.

The only way you are going to save yourself is to bow before the King of kings everywhere within this nation and that most certainly includes all religious places like that fucking church.

Do the righteous. I don’t care what color your skin is.


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