Warriors Come Forth

Pictured Above

I began to say at the beginning of the video how I had to tell myself I wouldn’t necessarily always do shopping lists in that little book because I must give myself permission on a variety of issues.

I am not ashamed. I was raised in a cultish environment, yet I was protected better than a lot of people coming out of that tragedy. I was controlled and told what to do so much, it’s in my thought life and I’m helping myself stop that pattern. Yes, it is work. I am glad I have time to do it now.

Below is the Nightingale artwork. It is very special to me. It is from The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien. Please take the time to read it for the sheer “gorgeous” of the poetic beauty of the vision explained…….I am about to do another chapter’s work but I am too tired right now; it may be May before it is accomplished. I hope not….

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