10:33 Laguz, that which conducts

I have reported to Someone; how my family is now divided against itself of their free will.

I checked; the other parent is happier; and, realizes I was shunned.

Now the Adults are left to mend their way; however, do not question my solidarity in this family. You will be met with dark karma.

You have your excuses. I have my righteous life even as a mother. And I withstood the “atoning” you actually handed to me, many of you.

You are atoned, alone, and I wish you well. I thoroughly defended everyone on youtube; it remains because He said it should.

He? The King. I abide by His Laws on the Earth Core and I also have already shared; these blogs will not be touched. Even after my death, they may remain. Be washed.

You cannot come back. You have been left behind. I hear no one now; you had time to humble yourself not in the sight of the King but in the sight of His Sister Judah. And you refuse, still.

Such is ugly free will.

I do not, cannot, and will not pray for this.

I am delighted to say; I am delighted with the message of this rune. Please see the article which led me to place a secondary understanding upon another blog.

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