Warrior Today #caracoffey

As a parent, I have a tremendous load to worry about all the time, which steals my joy 24/7. Today, I came out for a moment and drew the warrior rune to make me realize, Cara, trust the process.

So I will trust the process. Here are the singles which spoke to me as this phoenix artwork came forth. I hope you love the promise of spring which my Prismacolor Bright Green (Watercolors) shows you.

Pictured Above


Pictured Above
Rihannon by Fleetwood Mac
Heart Turned to Stone by Foreigner

If your mother is Any of these women like I am and continue to be in a country fighting itself, Those Children MUST BECOME THIS WARRIOR to survive the love which isn’t.

Oops. It’s Cara Coffey of Uncovered No More. I’m a 50 year in the Lord Atheist this Sunday, the eighteenth of December 2022.

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