A Concept of friends and enemies. 12:33 pmc

This is a hard blog article, in words; however, it is not a hard blog article in runes and artwork. I am calling, as is ISA, for us to stop and heal ourselves better this summer, 2023.

Isa stands for a withdrawal, for ice, for in my world, solitary confinement with boundaries.

For instance, I let my partner know I was going into a three day, “non-verbal” time and it was busted yesterday through the night.

So today, my non-verbal began for a whole week, actually. That means on a ministerial level, no youtube. It means I will color a lot and think a lot less.

I am so tired, so are many of you. But I am here to say we must now, we must begin to learn the difference between our enemies and our friends who need more distance, or need to be set on the shelf in our heart for a while or even for the rest of our lives.

Yes, I am walking this talk, this speak. No, you may not have my details.

I love you; I love my enemy. At this moment let me show you my real ministerial enemy:

This article is frm UNM. Please read at your own discretion. The king is involved and I am exhausted.

Now back to you and me:

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