10:33 a Phoenix message of love, diverse unity, and peace

Pictured Above
Pictured Above

From listening to this video above, you should be able to ascertain I am in a metaphysical shift that is sometimes painful. Many times it is not as well. In any case, I should have taken notes as I spoke and will try to do that in future.

It’s not everyday you get to hear a person being as honest as I am, and going to heaven in a metaphysical way on a video, as I am, and just being as real as I am, and not making money at it lol.

ANYway…..the second thing my dad said was that he was sorry he didn’t tell me he loved me. It goes way beyond that in how I was not nurtured, how many of us are not nurtured, in our lives. Rune Stones mentor me—nurture myself and give back. That is why my websites are here at my charge. Two of them are paid for yearly out of our income.

I have people in my life who have point blank told me it is not my money (single income family) and have no concept of understanding as it concerns my disinheritance. I guess I wanted it that way as I decided long ago to bear my own burdens but I need to work on feeling sorry for myself.

The second thing of the video I wanted to say is how coloring, and particularly the book shown plus mandala, are training me further still to skip details that are unnecessary in the now.

Too many people, too much of the time, pound others with details. Stop. Please, for the love of yourself and your neighbor, take a deep breath and stop this madness.

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