Generational Rage & Pragmatism

This is a three tiered article; I must needs share in this first piece what happened across some weeks privately. It will take two incidents, one with a mature adult in my life and one with a child in my life who is an adult.

That is the third tier. I never wished to expose people as I had to to reach—the King, nor did he wish this tragedy in my life, nor my brother wished this tragedy in my life.

Such is life.

It is time outside, time with the wind and sky, which produces the poetry you are privileged to view each day which is mine, or mine with the Great Poets of the past and current events. We are we, the poets, and we must help you heal your way while we express the pain of our society and heal one another, too.. It is a calling which is fierce, fluent in any language, and art of word and deed.
It has been my habit, with the second level WHERE THE MAIN MADALA IS WITH THIS POEM ABOVE, to throw runes in two small books. But as I came to my coffee shop place early this morning, some pain spilled out as the poem above and I got a one rune draw with clear help for me from my past which I feel is holding me back from very real and total healing for me and my family, my life. The rune really cinched the message I will share below in the third tier……painfully. I hate doing it. I do not know why I have the courage today to do this, but I am great full that whatever I have been through didn’t hurt me to the point, this my 57th year, to where I couldn’t humble myself and my life to a point of seeing what I need to see to share this poem, and the thoughts in typing in the third tier.


Incident one is very current. We are both older. We are both hurting and struggling even in our relationship because honestly, in the past, we both have been used. We have served to the point of no return with literally no one nurturing us. There were always reasons not to try with us, yet I do appreciate many people acknowledging our birthdays, and other days of celebration to help us remember we have worth.

We were talking about sweets and it was jokingly admitted how I would get “mad” when I was given chocolate cake because I couldn’t eat it due to acne and other issues. When the joke was said, I walked into the living room and turned my back to heal myself and then kept eating the cake I had and went back in. We injured one another in the incident yet again and yet, we both have taken on injury time and again with being blamed, or being set against one another time and again, and left alone in blame, shame, and demoralization we could only depend on one another or ourselves to come out of for the last 15-20 years.

Incident two is with an adult child, you may not publicly know what was said. It was only one sentence and it was to me alone. It stabbed me like they all know it does. It was intentional and quite frankly, mildly sadistic. Go ahead and not believe me, this pain is real and the reason I could write that poem and do that artwork and throw that rune in the matter of less than an hour.

Keep in mind I’m not Cara. If you go look at my main twitter, I am 375 years old, was born one day before my actual birthday in this body form, and showed up on my previous birthday on the internet and became myself once again. I will remove the cloak of PARODY very soon since I am showing it IRL now. As I was fellowshipping at the time of this incident which will not be explained, I walked outside for a minute to get my equilibrium back—telling them who I am:

I knew what pain in that person’s life propelled them to speak intentionally to hurt me. I knew what they were thinking. And here is my ancient wisdom to all people who have ears to hear:

I personally now fully know what sort of temptation against me dwells in a concealed rage that is older than time prophetically—it has officially and in knowledge left my core across this birthday:

The rage of being a woman and her children controlled by religion and capitalism, at the core of the ‘Merica. I would state it differently if I were talking to people like me, evolved as I am. But I am not talking to that here, I am talking to the general population still seeing this rage.

I immediately apologized to that person for that past sin I committed. But the sin of the generation of that person is greater still: choosing to in knowledge keep an older person of their acquaintance in pain for the fun of it.

Millennials and Gen Z, deal with your shit. I know your games, I know your remedies for these social schisms are heartless control mechanisms, and I dealt with that situation as best I could.


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