7:33 PMC An Epiphany, A Mystery, A Closing of VOID in Judah

These are rune messages. I refuse to speak or write them at this time. Reader beware: leave what the author/artist, the Sorceress, says to leave or you will be cursed. Appreciate what you can understand.

This I asserted, understanding, is funny. In my experience wholly, a lot of people think they need to understand more than they need to take affirmative action to change habits.

I appreciate this perspective at this time:

Pictured Above

7:22 PMC my love life, please do as I am doing, and it is difficult, detailed work upon the MySelf, whom I am choosing to love more holistically than used to when Christianity chained my soul for so many years.

Terror. The Society fills us with terror that saps us of our true potential, and yet, we muster ourselves and do see our lovely selves in glimpses. We are amazing with every smile we give and take into ourselves.

Realize my Luv Life. And realize one thing the Enemy is doing right now is conjuring up this WW3 hyper-terror.

It is false. Study the writings of Frank Zappa, for he was and is an Immortal who spoke, and sang, much wisdom. I appreciated in his book, where he speaks of how the human frame will not knowingly destroy itself.

Nuclear warfare is what I’m talking about. Yes, it is a great terror. We must learn to never let that terror take our lives away so much, and with social media what it is in our existence, let us work; to know ourselves more. And then, let us be missionaries to the beautiful person sitting next to us. I believe it can sometimes begin with smiles. Not words so much. Smiles.

Much love and grace to you,

Cara Coffey.

This couple bore my grandfather, Robert Hilton Beaty. They are stalwart people, Christians. I think I am a disappointment to my family, all of them, even those who knowingly betrayed me. For I am now an Agnostic-Pagan. And yet, they haven’t lived in my lifetime what I continue to live.

Anyway, I make my life what I am led to as they did. And it is time. I forgive the world of betrayal as it concerns Uncovered No More. I gave the main website to the King today. I am celebrating a little bit my way.

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