Banner LOVE; protecting you; protecting me

Let me be clear, no matter what, if you are not His people, you obviously now have no protection. I am tired, beyond exhaustion actually, of the majick turned away from the King on Earth. Those Impostering upon Him, while I understand your purposes more and more, I tire of your games and lack ofContinue reading “Banner LOVE; protecting you; protecting me”

10:33 Laguz, that which conducts

I have reported to Someone; how my family is now divided against itself of their free will. I checked; the other parent is happier; and, realizes I was shunned. Now the Adults are left to mend their way; however, do not question my solidarity in this family. You will be met with dark karma. YouContinue reading “10:33 Laguz, that which conducts”

I am grateful….Part One

Something difficult for me at this time is letting go of so much from my past. Just, let go. For instance, used to, the expectation, requirement, and enjoyable thing for me was dinner each night with the family. You know how it is, families that eat dinner together several times a week are healthy families…..soContinue reading “I am grateful….Part One”