Disrupt Emotional Chaos

I choose poetry with rune stone artwork regularly for choosing joy. Here is a beautiful Single from for KING & COUNTRY that I LOVE THE MESSAGE OF TODAY joy by for KING & COUNTRY


#PHOBIA is the word I would tend to use for the castrated non-action @POTUS is using. We remember how many women he touched even as young girls—to show white supremacy. Biden agrees with Trump. Do not, America that I hate, ask me how I know. Go ask Lucifer. Haha. He’s blocked me before on @twitter,Continue reading “STUDENT DEBT PAY OFF”

Quiet Time Today

There will be several today’s. I’ve been really blessed with some artwork lately. Finishing 3 other pieces. 💙☯️🕯

Reverse Racism

Reverse Racism with Rune Stones @thegoodgodabove and I are coming against some serious shit. Following will be Revelation 22. I need no other authority to tell America you are delivered of the curse, the King is here, and may your crimes large and small be upon your own head. The Tree of Life is fullyContinue reading “Reverse Racism”

I, Your Mary Magdalene, A Black Woman from the Recent Past 9:33 amc 4/13/2021

Mary Did You Know by Wynnona Judd and Kenny Rogers John Paul Jackson’s Perfect Storm But if I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, which Cara does actually do, but do not have love, which Cara actually has, but have not love, it is clanging brass. Let me show you clanging brass,Continue reading “I, Your Mary Magdalene, A Black Woman from the Recent Past 9:33 amc 4/13/2021”


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