Dr. Seuss’s SLEEP BOOK & September 11, 2020

I want you to sleep whomever you are. When you awake, I know many of you in America are choosing politics and monetary gain over human suffering literally. You suck in that world. I’m thinking if you have better sleep, if you have alone time where you shut up and think logically in faith withinContinue reading “Dr. Seuss’s SLEEP BOOK & September 11, 2020”

Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche Translated by Helen Zimmerman

Mr. Nietzsche died of insanity. I am putting this review on this website for two men in my life; one is anonymous and needs this to be done for him. The other one is none of the world’s business as it concerns my ministerial life which is meaningless to everyone who is with me faceContinue reading “Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche Translated by Helen Zimmerman”

The Emporer’s Invocation #Story

I have settled all my affairs of this life; and I am taking anti-anxiety medicine until I am 60 at which point I will reevaluate, if it is necessary. The only reason at this point I need it is time; people around me need time to rest after being persecuted for my life of 54Continue reading “The Emporer’s Invocation #Story”