I, Your Mary Magdalene, A Black Woman from the Recent Past 9:33 amc 4/13/2021

Mary Did You Know by Wynnona Judd and Kenny Rogers John Paul Jackson’s Perfect Storm But if I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, which Cara does actually do, but do not have love, which Cara actually has, but have not love, it is clanging brass. Let me show you clanging brass,Continue reading “I, Your Mary Magdalene, A Black Woman from the Recent Past 9:33 amc 4/13/2021”

Any Power Within Out & Outside? Hagalaz

July 14, 2020 by Cara Beaty SO in that video above I talk about the “d” in the word w-e-i-r-D and I’m at GraceLand buying gas because I buy gas when the tank is empty. You go figure the rest out y’all. 😂🙄👍🏻

Calvin Harris, Yiruma, and Breakthrough

The feature image is a lovely addition to my workspace where Dad’s drafting board and Dad’s drafting rod reside as my guides in this World of Wonder called Fay tales and day dreams……Rosemary gave it to me. My mother and I fellowshipped with Uncle Oscar’s second wife as he passed away and Rosemary gave meContinue reading “Calvin Harris, Yiruma, and Breakthrough”

Morning is Perfect? “Nah”, Clenched Fists, & Lies.

The feature image is of the house that hell built. They will never give it back, Dad. I did my best to love them all. They have said my love is useless. They have called me what I am not; I labored still. What happened to the pay for laborers? The only pay is control,Continue reading “Morning is Perfect? “Nah”, Clenched Fists, & Lies.”