River Flows in You, Darlings……Forever

Since I have clearly obeyed my own rune throws, as shown here, how I love past the lie, the World System and etc may know my father was not the passing of Tribe Judah Election to Cara Ann Klonek-Beaty. It was and is Robert Paul Beaty. I have said it privately for years to CurtisContinue reading “River Flows in You, Darlings……Forever”

Seven Three Free

You have accosted my children, World System. But I watch them make golden fellowship everywhere in my line of sight and I will remind the Western World that if I say โ€œmy childrenโ€ they are 30 to newborn. I read their love. You keep picking us apart. We donโ€™t listen. Look at this:

Cara Has PartnerShip

6:44 PMC and I am smiling but I feel guilty about some things. Iโ€™m a good American Citizen. I have nothing to feel guilty for so Iโ€™m going to publish this article, some of my recent and lovely artwork, and then go home and smile. I voted for Kamala Harris and many others last week.Continue reading “Cara Has PartnerShip”

Calvin Harris, Yiruma, and Breakthrough

The feature image is a lovely addition to my workspace where Dad’s drafting board and Dad’s drafting rod reside as my guides in this World of Wonder called Fay tales and day dreams……Rosemary gave it to me. My mother and I fellowshipped with Uncle Oscar’s second wife as he passed away and Rosemary gave meContinue reading “Calvin Harris, Yiruma, and Breakthrough”