River Flows in You, Darlings……Forever

Since I have clearly obeyed my own rune throws, as shown here, how I love past the lie, the World System and etc may know my father was not the passing of Tribe Judah Election to Cara Ann Klonek-Beaty. It was and is Robert Paul Beaty. I have said it privately for years to CurtisContinue reading “River Flows in You, Darlings……Forever”

The Mysterious WaterFall

Has some poetry coming soon, but not tonight. (Smile) it’s on Twitter. Join me. Fuck off your politics and be my friend and I’ll be your enemy, America—the one that keeps praying for you because Jesus said to so I do. I’m Judah with Him. I’m not as nice I can assure you.

We are NOT Loose Change, Middle & Lower Classes

This is a gorgeous One Year Intercession and Invocation. THIS #PaganCircle I have waited patiently to express. Love NEVER fails The draw is not finished. The music is coming too. What a glorious way to end July, 2020. Mine Eyes have seen the Glory of GOD and Mine Eyes SEE this GLORY now; may itContinue reading “We are NOT Loose Change, Middle & Lower Classes”

Calvin Harris, Yiruma, and Breakthrough

The feature image is a lovely addition to my workspace where Dad’s drafting board and Dad’s drafting rod reside as my guides in this World of Wonder called Fay tales and day dreams……Rosemary gave it to me. My mother and I fellowshipped with Uncle Oscar’s second wife as he passed away and Rosemary gave meContinue reading “Calvin Harris, Yiruma, and Breakthrough”

Winter Season Summer 2020 for Me 12:12 AMC

I have experienced a standstill season of movement before; I must say that I declare this is the last time for a while, maybe until I breathe my last, this time. I am in a place where I can stay, can have a space of renewal each day, and can stop the activities I hadContinue reading “Winter Season Summer 2020 for Me 12:12 AMC”