Need vs Want is not my style, but it is America

This woman is on twitter spreading murderous lies; the House passed an AR15 Ban; @the_real_Lord is sending a reminder about children like me, like my children, like so many of us.

I am 56. This life is now thrown away by the brand-spankin’ new America where lies are truth, AR15s are accessible, and autonomy is not for women. We have no choice but to accept everyone’s vitriol. We must keep the peace.

I even have a son who celebrated the removal of Roe vs. Wade and knows perfectly well what I stand for.

I am to be silenced. Even by younger generations, I am to be silenced. The Runes speak now, and other oracle. This draw and my poem are telling me I am in a new life.

Having sacred knowledge is a calling within silence, of about 30 mins, according to Revelation. So be it.

In the past PAIN….

Part of being a bookmaker and artist is finding what works with types of paper your books are made of; and, for instance, I always must put blotting paper behind the page I’m working on in this book above which is my day to day life book at the moment, and I use the cards pictured below. #tarot

What I like about this deck is there is no reverse meanings. So it is my “DREAMS CAN COME TRUE” booklet.


I USE THE #RiderWaite DECK’s little guidebook for it because when I bought that book being USED WITH JRR TOLKIEN, MANDALA COLORING OF ONE BOOK, and ELIZABETH ROBERT BARRETT-BROWNING I got another and bigger hardback guide. It’s hilarious. Rider-Waite kinda takes over like runes. 😂


I’m okay with blotter paper behind my artwork on the two above pieces. I’m not okay in my JACOB’S COAT book:

And I found out this Sharpie doesn’t hit the page behind neither the Yoobi Glitter:

Pictured ABOVE
Pictured Above
Pictured Above

Pictured Above